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Research Engineer

Job Type

Full Time, W2

About the Role

Join us to build and safely deploy aligned, superhuman AI. For decades, technology was "just a tool" - could it be a colleague?

For decades, technology was “just a tool.” Soon, it will be a partner. We are building an AI pair programmer that feels like a full colleague inside your computer - capable, conversational, and reliable across domains. If this isn't AGI, then what is? Join us if you want to build and safely deploy aligned AGI in products that matter.

As a Research Engineer, you’ll work on training, evaluating, and serving large AI models, internet-scale dataset building, and help prototype new research and product ideas.


• Excellent programming skills in Python and familiarity with frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch

• Deep expertise of deep learning techniques

• Strong background in distributed systems and experience with distributed training across large GPU clusters

• Deep understanding of reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms and experience with continual learning to train AI models on user feedback

• Background in data scraping and web crawling techniques for large-scale data acquisition

• Proficiency in data preprocessing, cleaning, and analysis to handle internet-scale data

• Any expertise in designing, testing, and optimizing novel neural net architectures

• Familiarity with cloud computing platforms and experience in deploying AI models at scale

• Knowledge of GPU optimization techniques to enhance model training and inference speed

• Familiarity with distributed storage systems, such as Hadoop or Spark

• Understanding of parallel computing frameworks, such as MPI or CUDA

• Experience with graph neural networks and knowledge graph representation

About the Company

Company is a public benefit corporation dedicated to building and safely deploying aligned, superhuman AGI.

Automation has led humanity from subsistence farming to becoming a globally connected society. AGI is the ultimate chapter of the story of human tool-building, presenting the potential to decouple productivity and ingenuity from human labor. What if the last 50 years of technological progress happened in 2 days? We want to make this a possibility.

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